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This time of year, it is fair to say, can be challenging for many of us for a multitude of reasons. And there is no getting away from it – the combination of short daylight hours and the typical wintry weather can leave a lot of us feeling gloomy. It’s no wonder great numbers of Britons yearn for a holiday over the festive season, even if just for a bit of escapism.

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But if you’re reading this article, presumably, it’s because you’ve checked your bank account prior to booking a winter break, only to see you’re running on empty (or at least, almost empty).

So, do you need to forget all notion of enjoying a Christmas holiday this year? Our answer would be: not necessarily. Below, we have set out some of the possibilities for making an off-season break more affordable for you, whatever destination you may have in mind.

Saving up for a holiday in advance

Saving up for a holiday in advance

Yes, this might not seem like a very useful tip if you hanker for a Christmas holiday right now, and have hardly anything in your bank account. But if there is any way in which you can combine savings with whatever other method you might have been considering to pay for your holiday (such as a loan), this could greatly help minimize your financial risk.

Maybe you have savings put to one side that you had intended for something else – such as a new car – but you have decided you could live with a cheaper and less “glamorous” second-hand motor? If so, well done – you’ve just freed up some cash that you could spend on that much-needed Yuletide overseas break.

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