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3 Situations Where a Bad Credit Loan Can Come in Very Useful

3 Situations Where a Bad Credit Loan Can Come in Very Useful

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Have financial struggles taken their toll on your credit score? You may understandably fret if an unexpected crisis sees you once again wondering how you are supposed to make ends meet.

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The good news is that dedicated bad credit loans can help out in situations like these. The bad news is that taking out such a loan is not entirely without risk. For this reason, you should ideally only dip into this money pot when you urgently need to do so — such as when you are…

It's important to only consider loans as a last resort for urgent needs. Responsible borrowing includes evaluating your ability to repay the loan on time to avoid further impacting your credit score and financial health.

Left with a damaged home following extreme weather

Left with a damaged home following extreme weather

Climate change has helped to make certain especially adverse weather events more of a regular occurrence. But if a treacherous storm has wreaked such havoc on your home that water is now leaking into it on a regular basis, you must act quickly to guard against the risk of mould taking root in the property and endangering your health.

Home insurance isn’t legally necessary in the UK — unlike car insurance. If you don’t hold home insurance that would be able to pay for required repairs to your building, a bad credit loan could be just what you need to plug this funding gap.

While bad credit loans can offer a lifeline in urgent situations, they come with higher interest rates that could increase your debt. Consider your financial situation carefully and explore all available options before applying.

Working freelance and having a ‘bad month’

Working freelance and having a bad month

If you are self-employed, you can enjoy picking and choosing what work you take on and when you do it. However, all this flexibility depends on the work being available in the first place.

Sometimes, industry trends beyond your control could see the well run dry in certain months, potentially forcing you to seek alternative sources of revenue.

In the wait for you to land new work, bills could continue landing on your doormat — in which case, you might seek out a bad credit loan in a bid to cushion yourself against such financial blows.

Contrary to what some people often assume, it is possible for a self-employed person to get approved for a loan; however, they may have more limited options compared to some other types of loan applicant. This could give you all the more reason to approach a credit broker – such as CashCompare – to discover what some of the best options on the market would be for you.

We recommend seeking independent financial advice to explore the best solutions for your situation. Making informed decisions is crucial, especially when considering loans with bad credit.

Planning a wedding for a special date

Planning a wedding for a special date

On the face of it, a wedding is hardly an emergency expense — even if that expense is likely to be pretty hefty. After all, in theory, you can easily just postpone a wedding for a time when you will be able to afford it. However, what if you have a specific date in mind for the ceremony? 

It could be a date that has sentimental value to you — for example, because it is the anniversary of when you and your beloved first met. Alternatively, maybe the two of you have jobs and other responsibilities that have significantly narrowed down the options for when you can hold a wedding.

In such scenarios, a bad credit loan could give you the financial freedom to get wed when — and indeed, how — you want to. Imagine being able to book an especially memorable venue — think, for example, an enchanting castle — that was previously out of your budget. 

As an online credit broker, we can quickly introduce you to many lenders offering bad credit loans, which may make it appreciably easier for you to get hold of money at short notice. It would take you just two minutes to fill in and submit our online form – after which, we will sift through some of the market’s best offerings to present you with a no-obligation quote.

This blog is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial or legal advice. We encourage you to conduct your own research and, if necessary, consult with a professional advisor to ensure the advice is tailored to your specific circumstances.

"Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. Always consider if borrowing is the right option for you and ensure you can repay your loan." For help, go to moneyhelper.org.uk.

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